Everything is now set up. The left set of lights will come on at 05:30. The right set comes on at 07:00. Each then runs for 12 hours. Before the left set turn off at 19:00, with the right set following suit at 20:30.

I am able to make it rain when I like… However for now they get half an hour: 11.30 to noon.

I have a confession… I’ve bought yet another bit of kit…I was racking my brains trying to work out how to get heat into the soil… Another brewers brainwave! In the home brew industry you can get fermentation heat pads. Designed to keep the fermentation going in garages, that are naturally cool, by applying heat.

So I have two 30cm diameter pads coming. These are going to hopefully slide in between the planting pot and reservoir. To the side of the soil. They have auto cut offs to keep them around 20 to 30 Celsius.

Admittedly this is not really a fair test of profitability. I can get 2sqm of underfloor heating for the same price as two pads…

So whilst I can do all the calculations I want. Until I have a space to work it out on… Before I start to think about that too much, I need to see it works…

Oh and before I forget, these are the drainage pipes. Anywhere between 8 and 10 nicks on 4 sides of each tube. They seem to be doing the job reasonably. I am eager to see how they perform with less saturated soil today! As it seems to have dried off a bit over night. I am guessing that the air circulating in the pipes when not draining, helps this enormously. I have now installed 12…

A better alternative, which would be possible on a bigger scale, is using something similar in design to the hop guard as shown below:

But then there is a price differential. My siphoning tube costing a fraction of the £10 you’d pay for each of those.