Already worrying, although I hope in a useful way. I think I need more gravel mixed in to the top layer of soil. Effectively I put maybe 2 inches of gravel in the bottom, then about an inch of sand, then a combination of specialist potting soil for citrus plants that has bits of ceramic in them, and some more sand to top it up, probably about 4 inches of that in total, so I only have 7 inches… STOP LAUGHING!!

Bearing in mind only 5 inches of that can effectively hold water, I am still getting a drip through of 80ml of solution every 5 mins, so 960ml every hour.

I’m not really sticking to the rules of hydroponics here, by adding soil and sand, but there seem to be so many ways, I thought I would try my way and refine. As I said when I started this post I am worried, and think the addition of some gravel in the top layer of soil may well help the situation…

So I did I quick replant. God I hope she survives… added about 2 inches… that’s right. A full 9 inches… of organic growing medium…. 😉

In serious land I now get a drip through rate of 2.55 litres an hour. So the soil is now far less retentive. I took out the sand and soil to just above the previous gravel layer. Mixed it all in with an extra two inches of gravel, and replanted the vine.

So I worked out I can just take measurements off the tube which shows the reservoir level at the front. In fact thankfully I took a reading, before and after letting it drip through for an hour, without the watering ring on. This showed the reservoir level grew 1.5 inches.

I’ve also just got out of the garage having now had the water ring running for an hour. This has decreased the water level by 1.5 inches. So taking into consideration the pot would be dripping. I now need to let it dry out a bit. Then start a one hour on two hours off watering cycle.