Be wary of what you buy. I thought I was buying 4 x 88 led bulbs… I got 4 x 44 led bulbs! However I am suitably impressed by the power they kick out. They are 45 watts each unit of two lights. At today’s rate of around 15p per kilowatt we should be running for £66/yr.

Add £20 depreciation a year, over 5 years… you’re looking at less than £100 a year to run, for the hydroponic pot and lights.

Is this worth it? Who knows? It will all depend on what weight of grapes we get at the end.

To help matters we have taken our lead from the weather conditions and geology of Corbiere, southern France. By doing so we have found the data for rainfall, sunlight and temperature per month and used this in our calculations. We have also researched the geology, and will attempt to recreate these conditions as far as possible. That way we’re giving the vine the best start we can.